Travelling to Florida

Yesterday we set off on our biggest family holiday yet.
At 5.30 am we left my dads house to head to the airport to start the first leg of our journey.
10 hours of flying with my kids was enough to fill me with dread. But i just had to remind myself (quite a lot) that it was eventually going to be worth it. Especially when 1 hour into the 10 hour flight my 5 yr old started asking “are we nearly there yet”.
The 3 hours of waiting around at the airport – doing some odds and ends of shopping and having breakfast – passed fairly smoothly before we finally boarded the thomas cook flight.

travelling to Florida

The plane was fairly comfortable – spacious with seat back tvs and plenty to occupy (as long as you purchased the £4 upgrade anyway). But for me being small, the extra space wasn’t that nice! Although hubby appreciated it!
We sat in a group of 4 (2 behind the others), which worked quite well as both kids got window seats and there was no chance of fighting and arguing!


The flight was long. But fairly smooth – with just a bit of turbulence towards the end. The food and service was good although getting the kids to eat much of it was quite tough. For future reference James Martin, kids are not too keen on cheese and tomato chutney sandwiches – just plain cheese would have been better. And plain scones might also be better for fussy sultana-hating children 😉.
If we thought the plane journey was long, the waiting around in the airport in Orlando was even longer. Firstly you queue to do immigration. We got to use the fancy machines to scan ourselves in. But then you still have to queue to see a man so not sure how much worth it that was. Then the wait for luggage was interminable. Some suitcases arrived for other people.. And then nothing for about an hour. When they finally arrived, 2 of our 3 cases had been broken – 1 pretty much trashed so we will need to buy a new one here 😕.
Once you get through customs, you have to transfer somewhere else before you can leave the airport. And with a very tired boy in my arms, and broken suitcases we had to leave them to transfer the luggage for us. Handy in a way, but it meant another 40 minutes or so waiting for the luggage (again!).
But finally we made it to the rental car. And set off for our friends house in Bradenton.


We set off but within minutes we hit heavy traffic, and then the thunderstorm kicked in. It was pretty spectacular..At least until the rain started! Then you couldn’t see anything! The kids finally fell asleep and I desperately wanted to but felt I ought to stay awake in solidarity for hubby who had to drive through this….

Around 3 hours later we arrived, in the dark at our destination.
It was a long journey but now the holiday can start!