You will never stop worrying….

When you become a parent there are certain things you prepare yourself for – sleepless nights, nappy changing, weaning. But you think that when they get to a certain stage that all goes away. Well, yes, some of it does. We are way past the nappy stage, but this week I have been reminded that the sleepless nights and worries for your children never go away.
My 7 (almost 8) year old has fallen out with her best friend – who also happens to be the childminders granddaughter. They have been friends since they were around 2 years old and right now I feel really helpless. I want to help her to fix things, but I have no idea how.
The first I knew about it was when the childminder messaged me to say there had been a horrid atmosphere between them for the last couple of times there. (my two go twice a week after school when hubby and I are both at work).
Then last night, I got another message from her saying that Jess had told her stepmum that my dd had hit her at school. Well cue the sleepless night, as I spent the entire night wondering how I would discuss this with her and how I could get to the root cause of the issue, without upsetting her or her thinking I was taking sides against her.
So this morning we discussed it long and hard again, but I still didn’t really get anywhere. She swears she has never hit her friend but knowing how she treats her brother when she gets angry I can’t be sure.  She also says her friend tells lies, but then only they know the real truth of the matter as we can’t be around them all the time to see what is happening.
I did what I thought was the best thing – assured her that I wouldn’t be angry if she had done anything and encouraged her to go to school today and try to sort things out with her friend.
From what I can gather my dd has started to widen her friendship group, and from what I remember as a girl growing up, you do “fall out” and then back in with friends all the time.
I am not going to judge her for any of this, but it has certainly stressed me out – I didn’t think I would have to deal with this sort of thing til we hit the teens!
I just hope they can work their issues out – and soon :'( And in the meantime, I will keep talking to her and trying to find out why this has happened and support her in dealing with it.
Ah, parenting, you will never stop worrying about them……..