YouTube Diva

It looks like my 6 year old has been watching too many of those horrific you tube videos- if you have kids, you know the ones I mean, where that awful lady unwraps stuff covered in Playdough blah blah blah.(apologies if that’s you, the kids are mesmerised but it does grate after about the 100th viewing!!)

Anyway, as I was saying Rachel has seen so many of these that she has taken it upon herself to make her own!

She has recently become obsessed with the mini Zelfs and this afternoon, after she had bought herself 3 new ones ( a treat to match the motorbike Jack had chosen at the Motorcycle live show), she disappeared up to her bedroom with my mobile and made her own.

I am not sure she would have let us know what she had been up to had my phone not run out of memory, but when it stopped recording she soon came down to tell me off!

She has decided that she should have her own show – called The Rachel Show, obviously, and has made a couple more videos since.

Sadly my phone kept running out of memory whilst she was mid-sentence so she was getting very frustrated, so she decided to move onto Daddy’s phone, although she was a tad more embarrassed making her “show” in front of Daddy!

So here you are her first attempts at vlogging/reviewing!!