Learning colours and having fun

wpid-20140426_190753.jpgJack is just learning to recognise all the colours of the rainbow, so we decided to do some colour-based activities.

Colour match game

20140416_090938I made 8 small flashcards, coloured in different colours, with the colour written on them.

First I asked them to name 4 colours each and gave them the card with the corresponding colour.

Then we did a colour hunt. They had to find 3 things that were the colour of each of their cards.20140416_091641

Then we collected all the cards and played a quick memory game with them – laying them face down on the floor and they had to guess which was which colour.

20140416_092158Finally using the flashcards I tested them on their colours one more time.

Singing the rainbow song

Red and Yellow and Pink and Green,

Orange and Purple and Blue

We can sing a rainbow,

Sing a rainbow,

Sing a rainbow too.

Talking about our favourite colours

We talked about our favourite colours and why they were our favourite. Jack chose blue because Thomas the tank engine is blue.

Rachel chose pink because our cats collar is pink so it makes her think of Rocky!!( a phrase I taught her when they studied colours at school last term!)

Colourful fruits

We also had a chat about different fruits and their different colours – apples, pears, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, oranges and grapes.
Had we had time to go shopping (or at least been more organised in advance) I would have done coloured fruit skewers with them too!