Shopping game – otherwise known as Off your trolley

wpid-img_20140526_080456.jpgI was hoping that while we were on holiday we would do a handful of activities to blog about, but in the end, we only really ended up doing two and just enjoyed a relaxing time doing basically nothing.

This is the first thing that we did do.

I bought my best friends daughter a shopping game for Christmas and recently when we were visiting her we got to see it in action and I thought what a simple but fun idea for a game it was, and decided that rather than going out to buy it for my kids, it would be easy enough to replicate at home.wpid-20140524_145923.jpg

So I made 4 shopping trolley cards. Each had 8 pictures on it of items that needed to be collected. I made 32 smaller cards with individual items on them (16 different items and mixed and matched them across the shopping trolley cards).

Really simple so far.

The idea of the game then is to be the first to collect all your shopping.

wpid-img_20140526_080721.jpgEach player gets a shopping list and then with everyone sitting round in a circle, all the item cards are laid face down in the middle.

Everyone takes turns to pick up a card and if it is on their shopping list they keep it, and if not they replace it. And this continues until someone gets all their shopping.

Great fun with the kids – who repeatedly wanted to pick up and keep items not on their list, or alternatively kept picking up the same card over and over again!wpid-img_20140526_080600.jpg

Hence Daddy, who was a little more clued up on how the game actually worked, won most games!