Displaying Kid Art

My kids are always producing something or other – a picture, a model, some writing. And although some of it gets a spot on the fridge, and some gets saved in their memory boxes – the majority of it ends up in the bin.

I wanted to find a better way to display more of it, and when I saw this great post from Realistic Mama all about different ways of displaying kid art, I was well and truly inspired!

But where to start.

Well we had our lounge decorated a few years ago with some lovely floral wallpaper but having seen some gorgeous homes recently I had already decided that I wanted to redecorate our downstairs. And I am one of those annoying people, that when I want to do something, I have to do it there and then. Within hours of discussing paint colours with hubby, I was already painting over the floral wallpaper with a lovely steel blue colour.

Two days later, I had finished the painting and rearranged some of the furniture. I was ready to put stuff on the walls! Having had floral wallpaper had made it hard to put any pictures on those walls so I was pretty excited to have extra display space! I had ordered some lovely photo collage posters from Lalalab, which looked fantastic in black frames on the new blue walls. And now there was a great expanse of blue painted walls through to the dining room, which seemed to me to be the perfect spot to start displaying the kids creations.

A trip to Hobbycraft was what was called for!

I loved the idea of pinboards  so I bought them a pinboard each. Then I bought some mache letters and a selection of decopatch papers.

They didn’t have all the letters I needed in the same size and format, but actually I decided that a mix and match would work much better.

The idea was to write the word “Create” to hang above the pinboards.2015-08-18 18.11.50

IMG_20150818_143727-01Using decopatch was really easy. Firstly you paint some mod podge onto your mache shape, then add small torn pieces of the decopatch paper, smooth down and brush over it with more mod podge.

The bigger, capital letters required 2 sheets of decopatch paper, the smaller ones ony needed 1 , which means we have plenty left over to use again.

My favourite is the vintage style tickets.

I hung the letters on the wall, with the two pinboards below. I think it looks pretty effective, even if I do say so myself.

2015-08-19 09.53.23-01