Jelly belly

all you need

all you need

My kids are not brilliant eaters. Both were much better as babies, but now they eat because they have to and usually because we insist on it.

They both, however, have a great sweet tooth and would gladly live on sweet treats. Luckily this does stretch to fruit as well, so we vaguely manage to get them to eat some healthy foods.

They love to help with cooking and baking – I think they must get that from Daddy who is a chef!

Making jelly is a brilliant, quick activity to do with the kids.

The slight downside, is that once you’ve made them, you then have to wait for ages for them to set. And my kids don’t understand patience…..

hartleys-jelliesI made these ones with Rachel one afternoon when Jack was at nursery.

We used a standard packet mix – (full of sugar I am afraid!- but if you have are concerned about your little ones’ sugar intake you can get sugar free jelly too!)



To watch our video click on the link!

Jelly Belly

Today’s jelly flavour is blackcurrant, and we filled it with chunks of apple.


1. break up the jelly into chunks and add a small amount of water

2. heat in the microwave for a minute

3. stir until all the jelly is melted

4. top up the water level to approx 1 pt

5. fill as many cups/pots/bowls as you require

6. place in the fridge to set