Cake Pops


measuring the ingredients

Today we made cakes, but not as we know them.

I had never heard of cake pops until recently. There are cake pop moulds springing up in every shop and I thought I had bought one. Turns out I hadn’t – I had bought a lollipop mould – so we had to improvise midway through.

So first of all we made a cake.


making the cake mix

The cake recipe is as follows:

4oz sugar

4oz butter

4oz flour and

3 eggs.


final stir of the cake mix

We mixed them all up and then baked a cake as normal – 20 minutes at 180°C.

Whilst the cake was cooking we made some buttercream icing.

The recipe we used for this was:

buttercream mix

buttercream mix

8oz icing sugar

4oz butter

a dash of milk and

a spoon of cocoa powder.


When the cake was cooked and cooled we broke 3/4 of it up into crumbs and mixed it into the buttercream icing.

ready to chill

ready to chill

So far so good and yummy too!


cake balls ready to dunk

Then we rolled the mixture into approx 20 little balls and popped them in the freezer to chill for about half an hour.

When they were chilled we melted some milk and some white chocolate in cups and after sticking some cake pop sticks into each ball, we dunked them in the chocolate and rolled them in sprinkles.

melt the chocolate in a cup

melt the chocolate in a cup

Then we improvised and using a cheese grater we stood them up in the freezer until they were hard. After searching high and low for something suitable to hold them we settled on an orange and stuck them all into the orange and popped them into the fridge to chill.

Ta Dah! Cake pops.cake pops


Very sweet and very yummy!