Summer Chocolate Trifle Pudding

Britmums are running a summer recipe competition in conjunction with Morrisons.
So, as we were intending to do another kiddiecooks post this week, we decided that we would make our entry into the competition.
Firstly, we had to select a recipe, so we turned to Daddy Kettle, who as a chef was sure to have some suitable ones for us to use. He offered us a few different ideas and finally having suggested a summer fruits pudding and a twist on this, using swiss roll and custard, we decided to combine his suggestions and make a “summer chocolate trifle pudding”. It is our take on a summer “sweet treat”.
The first thing we did this morning was to head to Morrisons to buy our ingredients.
Here is what we bought:


Double Cream


Ambrosia Custard


2 chocolate swiss rolls


Hartleys Strawberry Jelly


A bowl to make it in and
Some gold spray to finish it off.


Total cost £10.71.



So what did we do with all these lovely ingredients.

Firstly we sliced the chocolate swiss roll and lined a bowl with the slices.

Then we sliced the strawberries and lined them inside the chocolate swiss roll.

Then we emptied half of the cream and the custard into another bowl and whipped them together.

We then put half of this mixture into the cake and strawberry mould.

We popped this into the fridge to chill for a little while, and meantime we made up the jelly.

When the jelly had cooled a little, we poured a layer of this into the pudding.

Once again we popped this into the fridge to chill, before topping with the rest of the custard/cream mixture and finishing it off with a layer of the chocolate swiss roll.


To serve, we turned the pudding out onto a plate and sprayed it with the gold spray to give it a final, shiny lustre – our homage to this summers World Cup.


Okay so the photos of the final product don’t really do this dessert justice, but it is absolutely delicious and a great, fun dessert for all the family to enjoy.

This post is an entry for the #MorrisonsMum (or #MorrisonsDad) Summer Recipe eBook Challenge sponsored by Morrisons, which has recently cut prices on over a thousand every day products. Find out more here price checker tool.