Making Simple Fairy cakes

sdc15756It is 9.30am on a Sunday morning and we are eating cakes!

I know the time as the church bells have just rung.

I remember (very vaguely!) when we first moved here, back in the days before kids, when the church bells ringing was a giant nuisance – waking us up.

These days the bells are like a clock letting us know we have been up for 3 hours if we are lucky!

So this morning we have been baking. My kids love to bake and love to eat the cakes afterwards – although having said that they prefer to lick off the icing rather than eat the entire cake! I love cake though so that’s fine by me.

I have again cheated with this activity by using a packet mix. But it is not much more difficult to make the cakes from scratch. It just requires a bit more organisation!

I say organisation because, from previous experience with younger children, it is easier to have everything already measured out into small bowls, rather than measuring it out whilst they look on either attempting to crack the eggs, or alternatively you get them to help you measure but they drop the ingredients everywhere and you end up having to do an emergency trip to the shop to re-purchase the necessary ingredients!

This is a mix from good old Sainsbury’s. Pink, princess fairy cakes.


Really simple using this packet mix!

1. Put cake mix, 1 egg and 60ml semi-skimmed milk into a bowl and mix up well!

2. Spoon mix into 12 cake cases.

3. Cook in preheated oven for 12-15 mins (160º in a fan oven)

4. Cool and then top with the included icing and sprinkles.

Ta Dah!

Now if you don’t have a packet mix at the ready, here is a great, simple recipe I use from Mumsnet.