Autumn Leaf Shortbread

Jack and I have been baking shortbread this week and it gave us an opportunity to use our new Sweetly Does It Cookie Cutter Set – Autumn Patterned in Assorted Colours


We have baked shortbread many times before, but this time we decided to try the Paul Hollywood recipe.

Here is the recipe :


The method is fairly straightforward.

Firstly mix the butter and sugar together and then add in the flour, cornflour and salt.

Mix until you get a good dough.

Then turn out onto a worktop and knead and roll out.

Cut into your desired shapes and then leave to chill in a fridge for half an hour.

Finally bake in the oven for 20 minutes on 170˚c.

We also sprinkled a bit of sugar on the top of the biscuits before we baked them to give them that extra sweetness.


We used our lovely food mixer to mix all the ingredients and Jack was my right hand man, turning the machine on and off for me.

He also loved kneading and rolling the dough and using the cookie cutters.

He said it was just like playdough – which I guess it is, as so many of the ingredients are the same!!

It sure tasted a lot better than playdough though. It was sweet and buttery and just scrummy!


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