Easy Fruit Skewers

My kids love their fruit. So they loved today’s invitation to make your own fruit skewers!
Admittedly I added marshmallows to the selection as a bit of a treat but in all honesty, they chose more fruit than marshmallows.

How to:
Chop some banana, grapes and strawberries.
Get some of the big marshmallows.
Lay them all out with some skewers and chocolate dipping sauce.
With supervision get your kids to make themselves 2 fruit skewers each.
Serve with the dipping sauce for a fun afternoon snack or dessert!
You can use all sorts of other fruits as well, in the past we have used apples, kiwi, plums, raspberries, peach and pineapple.


Top tip: choose fruits that they like anyway and then encourage them to try new ones!

Always supervise young children when working with skewers – luckily these wooden ones are not too sharp and they loved making these fruity treats – as well as eating them of course!

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