Easy Hedgehog Cake

Chocolate fudge cake, with lashings of buttercream, has to be my all-time favourite kind of cake to eat and all respectable parent bakers, must have at some point made a chocolate hedgehog cake! Here is how we made ours.

hedgehog cake


We used the chocolate fudge recipe that we used to make these yummy cupcakes (in fact if you see the pictures below, you may notice that the icing I used to butter the pieces together was the same icing as the cupcakes – yes we made them at the same time!!)

So to make this cake we needed double the amount of chocolate cake mix that we used for the cupcakes.

How to

We poured half the mix into a rectangular cake tin and the rest into a pyrex bowl – to give us a dome shape for the top.

Once baked we removed them from their respective tin/bowl to cool.

After they had cooled, we used the bowl to cut out a round shape from the rectangular cake.

We spread a generous layer of icing onto this round before placing the dome shaped cake on top.

Next we cut two triangles from the remaining cake and layered these together to form the snout.

We placed this against the first cake. Now you have a snout and body.

Finally, we used the remaining bits of cake to fill in the gaps between snout and body to give it a smoother shape.

Pop your cake into the fridge for half an hour – this makes it so much easier to ice!cake

Now the best bit – we made up lashings of chocolate buttercream using a Jane Asher mix we had bought from the £1 shop.

We smothered the cake in the chocolate buttercream mix covering every inch.

Then we added a chocolate button for the nose, 2 chocolate chunks for the eyes and a packet of mini twirl bites made up the Hedgehog prickles.

Yes, it was as delicious as it sounds and looks!