Easy Yoghurt Ice Pops

As soon as the sun comes out my children demand ice cream or lollies.

Where possible we try to make them ourselves as the shops tend to make them so over-priced.

This week we made some really easy greek yoghurt and chocolate lollipops.


Greek Yoghurt

Chocolate Sauce

How to:

Put a spoon of yoghurt into your ice lolly mould

Add a squirt of chocolate sauce

Repeat until the mould is full.

Freeze over night and that is it!

Super simple and super yummy and healthy -well, with a hint of naughtiness!
chocolate and yoghurt ice pops

You can try loads of different flavour options for your yoghurt ice pops.

Here are some of our favourites:

Yoghurt with honey

Yoghurt and chopped or pureed fresh fruit – try strawberries or banana.

Yoghurt with chopped nuts

Yoghurt and dessicated coconut.

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