Making pizzas with kids

I love to buy cheap and cheerful pizzas and then spruce them up by adding loads of different toppings.

Yet, it was only last week that I realised this would be a great way to get the kids involved in helping to make their own dinners, having fun in the kitchen.


So whilst Jack was at nursery one morning I did a quick scoot around the supermarket for different ingredients and then chopped and prepped them up.

I did two plates of ingredients up – knowing that some of the things on the “grown-ups” pizza would not be appreciated by the kids.

When Jack and I got back from nursery (via a quick trip to the playground!) we set about topping our two cheap margarita pizzas.

We used cookie cutters to cut the ham and chicken into shapes to make it a bit more fun for a three year old, and then we threw on allsorts of great things. – fairly indiscriminately!

Ingredients we used:

For the kids topping

Ham teddy bears

Chicken puppies

Sliced Tomato

Torn Mozzarella

For the grown-ups

Spicy Salami

Herby bacon lardons

Red Onion


Sliced Tomato

Finally we covered the top of the pizza in a fairly generous layer of grated cheddar.



Jack really enjoyed being involved in making these pizzas and both children really enjoyed eating his handiwork 🙂