Angel Delight Cheesecake

I was so excited to receive my sachets of new *Bubblegum* flavoured Angel Delight, and couldn’t wait to give it a try!

I mean Angel Delight for me, conjures up memories of childhood, whisking up a quick and yummy dessert with my mum.
And the sugar-free butterscotch Angel Delight were a godsend for me during two pregnancies where my glucose levels went through the roof.

And combining that delicious creamy dessert with a bubblegum flavour? What could be better?

But wait, what could we do with it?

Hubby immediately raised an eyebrow, with a glint in his eye…But, somehow I felt that was not really appropriate for this project!!

So what could we make with it? -other than just a bowlful of Angel Delight. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with just a bowlful of Angel Delight. I mean, it never did me any harm! And it is totally calci-yummy!
It doesn’t really need anything else.image

But I just wanted to do something super amazing, something “wow”.

So we decided to make a bubblegum cheesecake dessert.

And these were definitely wow!

First of all Jack and I whisked up the Angel Delight, watch our video here!

Then, while the Angel Delight set, we made a vanilla no-bake refrigerator  cheesecake.


100g crushed digestive biscuits

50 g Demerara sugar

50g butter, melted

300g cream cheese

100g icing sugar

300ml double cream

vanilla essence

For the topping

Bubblegum Angel Delight


How to do it!

1. Mix the digestive crumbs, sugar and butter together – we popped in a bit of pink food colouring to match the bubblegum pink of the Angel Delight!

2. Put the cheesecake base into the bottom of a pie dish, or ramekins or other suitable dish(es)

3. Cream the cheese and icing sugar together.

4. Lightly whip the double cream.

5. Fold the cream into the cheese mix with a dash of vanilla essence.

6. Spoon the cheese mix onto the base.


7. Leave to chill and then spoon the bubblegum Angel Delight on to the top.

8. Finish with pretty sprinkles!
angel delight cheesecake

Finally eat it and smell it and savour it!

It is “oh my gawd” delicious!!

Now, what to do with the other packet?
Hubby’s eyebrow goes up again…*sigh*.