Weekly Family Dinner Menu – Week 1

So I am about to return to work full-time (eek!), and it is also the busiest time of year at work, so in an attempt to be organised and make sure that things are at home are as smooth as possible during this tough time I have put together some weekly menus to get us through the first month.

I will be posting them weekly so if you want to copy any of our ideas keep an eye on the blog!

I should say that these menus are for the normal, busy family. They are primarily aimed at people like me, who have no desire to spend ages thinking about or cooking the meals for the family – which tend to be hit and miss as to whether they get eaten.

You can spend hours slaving over a great roast dinner – just to be told they don’t like any of it, or you can throw together some mildly spicy tacos that you are convinced will be untouched , and they will eat every last bite!

So these menus are normal – they are based on things that my family will probably eat. Where I have included real “kids” food items, like nuggets and fish fingers, I have considered a grown-up equivalent!

Here it is then, week 1‘s menu:

menu week 1