Cloud Dough – with just 2 ingredients

Last week, Jack and I made some cloud dough, otherwise known as moon dough or moon sand. It is basically a granulated mixture that you can mould but easily crumbles again. It is very reminiscent of sand in texture and is really easy to dough

The ingredients are simply flour, and oil – a recipe we picked up from Happy Hooligans’ post 2 ingredient cloud doughwpid-2014-08-06-08.38.46.jpg.jpeg
If you still have a little one that puts everything in their mouth, you can use vegetable oil or if you want to make a beautifully scented dough the you can use a baby or bath oil. We used Aveeno oil, as it was basically the only oil I could find in the house at the time! But it smells gorgeous!
We used about half a cup of oil to 4 cups of flour. Jack lord mixing it all together.

Then we tipped it out onto a large baking tray and got to work making “sandcastles” with it and then demolishing them as fast as we built them!wpid-2014-08-06-08.37.45.jpg.jpeg

Jack also really enjoyed patting it all together and then using cookie cutters to create shapes. He was very interested in trying to get the shapes to not break as he removed the cookie cutters, which was pretty impossible!


Jack loved the texture in his hands. He said it felt crumbly and silky. I asked him if he thought it was like sand and he agreed.

We didn’t try colouring the moon sand, but I have seen some really great ideas for colouring the mix.
I really love Our Little House in the Country and their post on Cloud dough with a fizzy surprise.

This Blue Toddler-Safe Cloud Dough from Kids Activities Blog is such a lovely colour

And I am definitely going to try out this Candy Cane Dough from Sugar Aunts at Christmas time!