What to do with Water Beads – a Round-up

A while ago, we purchased a sheet of water beads in all different colours.

We had seen plenty of other bloggers using them and wanted to find out what we could do with them.

Initially we had no idea what to do with these tiny balls, but we have had great fun learning!

The first thing we learnt was that when you put them in water they grow. This probably sounds pretty daft, but we had no idea!

Jack loved watching them growing and I think he would have spent the whole day watching them get bigger if we hadn’t had other things to do!


So we found a couple of things to do with them – we used them in our dinosaur world and we played fishing them out of the paddling pool.

But then we were stumped.

What else could we do with them?

So we turned to my much-loved pinterest for more ideas and here are some of our favourites:

Simple Fun for Kids has been using them in many ways:

Little Bins for Little Hands used them for some very seasonal, spooky fun!

The lovely Train Driver’s wife showed us how they enjoyed playing with edible water beads

Craftulate introduced us to water beads whilst also reminding us about safety. – water beads are not a toy and activities should be supervised

Teaching Mama used them to create a sea turtle sensory bin with white sand.

And finally, Our Little House in the Country used them in their beach themed invitation to play post.

What sort of things have you done with Water beads?

Leave us a comment below, we love to hear from you!