As parents do we overshare?

Todays prompt for the photo 101 course is “connect”.
I connect with hundreds of people using various different social media platforms, practically every day.
But how I use those platforms has changed somewhat over the last few years.

If we look at facebook as an example:
A few years back I used facebook to reconnect with old friends and work mates. My statuses (stati?) were all about events, work and were few and far between.
Now, my status updates are almost always children-related, with the occasional other one thrown in.
Of my 200 personal facebook “friends”, a large percentage of them are singles and youngsters – staff I have working with me now, or who have worked for me in the past.
Do they really want to know that my 3 year old threw up all over me at 1am last night? Or that my 6 year old got another gymnastics badge? Well, ironically, the former post actually elicited a fair few responses from my student staff since it discussed vomit – students!! – but generally they are not that interested in the ins and outs of what my child is wearing or has said today or did at school last week.
These statuses (stati?) only really draw interest from fellow parents or family.
And as for family photos do all my single friends get bored/seriously sick of me filling their feed with endless reams of them every day??!
Or worse, do I bore them???!

But all social media platforms are different I guess.
Now, if you take my instagram account well that is a totally different case. All of my photos on there are family or blog focussed, but the majority of my followers on there are fellow mummy bloggers or friends and every photo I post on there gets tons of likes – no matter the quality or the image. And there doesn’t seem to be a limit with instagram of how many pictures of my children/house/life people want to see.

So how much is too much? What do you share and what do you not share?

I want people to see what is going on in my life. I want my close friends and family to know what happens when I don’t get the chance to call or see them.

So do I carry on sharing and assume that some of my single friends will be pee’d off? Or do I not?

For me the answer is simple.

If I want to share it I will – freedom of expression and all that…

If people don’t like what they read, then that is their choice and they can always de-friend me.

It’s my social media for me to use how I want to.

And if I want to share every last movement of my children’s and families lives, then I will and so there!