Carving a heart for World Vision

This week, we carved pumpkins at the pumpkin week event at Hatton Country World – we will be blogging about that later.

However this post is about carving a heart in a pumpkin, as a lantern of hope.

World Vision has, this Halloween, launched a campaign in support of the children of Syria.

They are asking you to carve your pumpkin slightly differently, and to carve a heart into it as a lantern of hope – to turn a night of fear into a night of hope.NIGHT OF HOPE

When you have finished your carving, they want you to share your pictures and donate £5 to the charity by sending a simple text  – Heart8 to 70060.

When I read about this campaign it really touched me and I thought that it would be a great way to support these Syrian children whose childhoods have been stolen from them by the terrible atrocities of war.

The money they hope to raise with this campaign, is to be used to pay for schools and educational equipment. Things that our children take for granted, but things that could make a world of difference to the Syrian people.

I had never carved a pumpkin before and was not sure how hard or easy it would be.

As it turned out it was not that difficult to make some kind of attempt at it!

On one side of the pumpkin I carved the usual scary monster face and on the other I carved our heart.

If you haven’t yet got tired of your pumpkins, it would be great if you could also get behind this campaign.

Here is our pumpkin heart!


Now I know it’s not brilliant, but it is the first time I have ever carved a pumpkin! And I have to say the photo I captured with the lights out and the candle lit are pretty impressive (to me anyway!!)

If you, like me are a novice at this, then click below to check out World Vision’s guide to carving the perfect pumpkin.

They also have some fab recipe ideas.  I mean what do you do with your pumpkin once it is carved?? Especially as we have somehow amassed 5 now in our house!!!

I am particularly interested in this one – mainly because it is cake and looks yummy!!
pumpkin recipe

Now go on, get carving and texting (Heart8 to 70060) to donate £5 to World Vision’s Night of Hope campaign.
Be part of something great!