Frozen party – preparations

So today was Rachel’s 6th birthday party.

As I referenced in my post  – making a frozen dress – it was going to be a frozen party.

So for the last couple of weeks we have been working hard on the party preparations.

Daddy planned the party, found and booked the venue, organised the bouncy castle and kids entertainer and was also on buffet duty – for kids and adults.

My job was making the party bags, doing the invites, baking the cakes and of course the party dress for the birthday girl.

I decided that rather than getting some ready made bits and bobs that it would be much nicer if I made the things myself. Knowing that my creative side is somewhat lacking this was a great undertaking for me.

The invitations were very simple, a white A6 card with a pale blue stamped box with all the info written in it with a gold gel pen, a frozen sticker – stolen from Rachel’s frozen sticker book and a small pale blue bow in the corner. Nice and easy so far!

For the party bags I had seen a couple of things on ebay that I liked the idea of. One was a plastic cup filled with sweets etc and the other was a small voile pouch filled with beads to make your own frozen bracelet. Instead of buying these ready made, I decided to combine the ideas and do them myself.

So, I bought some large blue plastic cups and plastic roasting bags  from Sainsburys, some beads and other bits and bobs from Hobbycraft and then used the internet to find some printables.

Each cup contained:wpid-20140516_172234.jpg

  • one frozen bookmark
  • one small packet of haribo
  • one gingerbread snowman
  • one bracelet kit
  • one balloon

The cups were then placed in the roasting bag, which I tied up with some curling ribbon and then I put them into individually personalised paper bags.wpid-20140517_121003.jpg

Frozen Bookmark

I found these as a printable on the internet and cut them out and laminated them.

Gingerbread snowmanwpid-20140516_172119.jpg

I bought a snowman cookie cutter and using the gingerbread recipe we used earlier I made these gingerbread snowmen. I decorated them with white, orange and blue icing with chocolate chips for eyes and button and placed them each in a small snack bag (from Sainsburys).



Bracelet kit


I bought some white organza favour pouches from Hobbycraft and filled them with a selection of acrylic and wooden beads in turquoise, white and silver with some snowflake shaped beads.wpid-2014-05-16-16.41.14.jpg.jpeg

They also had a length of turquoise elastic and a length of turquoise thread to put the beads onto. I popped in a little typed notice “make your own frozen bracelet”. Very sweet and hopefully something they can do, with a bit of help, themselves.



finished bracelet bags











the finished article