Frozen Party Time!


What would be your child’s best birthday party ever?


This is what we did for our 6 year old this year and hopefully we made it a memorable one for her.

Last year Rachel didn’t have a birthday party as we were on holiday anDSCF1443d the year before we had a party at the wacky warehouse for a handful of her friends. So this year Daddy decided we should throw her a proper party.
Daddy organised practically everything for the day and what a great job he did too.

It was a party of the moment, a Disney Frozen party.

DSCF1419Thanks to our next-door neighbours who are local scout leaders, Daddy hired the local scout retreat with outdoor area and indoor hall. We hired a bouncy castle for the duration of the party and a bit more as well as an entertainer.


Daddy was planning on paying a caterer as well to provide the food, but when he realised the cost of it including delivery charges, he decided to do it himself.20140518_143804

So on the day he left at around 6.30am to head over to his workplace to prepare the buffet. He popped home around 10ish to meet our neighbours who took him over to the scout retreat and left him to get things set up there.

We headed over to join him at around 11ish.



The bouncy castle arrived at 12, and it only took moments for them to set it up.



The party timetable

12.30pm arrivalDSCF1442

1.30pm entertainer

2.30pm food and more play

3.30pm hometime

We had her friends arriving at 12.30 – 14 six year-olds and a few family members as well.

Many of the parents thought we were very brave going for 3 hours but thanks to the careful planning beforehand, we thought we had the party quite well structured – and we did!

DSCF1520For the first hour, the kids played on the bouncy castle and ran about in the grounds and the small hall.




The entertainer arrived at around 1.30pm and wowed the kids with magic tricks, all the traditional party games – pass the parcel, musical statues – and balloon art for an hour.




Then they had food – sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, mini sausages and strawberries – all laid out on a long table with Disney Frozen cups, plates, napkins and I had made them some Queen Elsa colouring-in sheets as placemats.



That left another half hour for them to play before the parents started to arrive to collect their offspring.


We were very lucky with the weather as it was a beautiful, sunshiny day. And hopefully the birthday girl was suitably impressed with her special day.


the birthday girl

Super Busy Mum