Help!! Blogging is taking over my life (so is twitter and pinterest!)



Would I have it any other way? No!
Would my husband have it any other way? Erm yes!
Would my kids have it any other way? Hmm well they are enjoying the activities while we do them but not the endless post-writing and photo uploading afterwards. And I daresay if you asked them what things does Mummy do for you their stock answer would still probably be “she buys me sweets” – even though I can’t remember the last time I bought them sweets (chocolate doesn’t count does it?!)

A few weeks ago I was feeling rather melancholy. Work was exhausting me – mentally and physically – and my parenting capabilities seemed to have escaped me. Don’t get me wrong I was spending time with my kids and we were doing our standard go-to activities – playground, baking cakes or painting but there was little variety in there.

me and my boss in a tent in a field!

me and my boss in a tent in a field!

I love my job too- I run a very busy £1million turnover student pub at Warwick University – it’s just sometimes, particularly at the end of a term, it is tiring.

In the midst of my low I came up with the idea of 101things. I blogged on and off when my son was born, more off than on really and my sister-in-law has been blogging using WordPress since my nephew was born – somewhat more eloquently than me (but she is a copywriter and self-published childrens author so she should be;-))

The Princess and the Pirate (Jamboree Island Adventures)

– so it wasn’t too difficult to get started.

I found WordPress really easy to navigate and signed up to 2 courses they run – Blogging 101, zero to hero, for real beginners and Blogging 201 for more advanced bloggers. I think I sort of fall into the middle, as I had done a lot of the basic set-up covered in 101 in my first couple of weeks, but haven’t been going long enough to do some of the more detailed stats analysis that 201 asked for. So I have dipped into both and learnt so much from that.

I love looking at the stats – numbers are an important part of my day-job so I love to analyse – but they are not the most important thing when it comes to my blogging. The doing is more important. The numbers are the added bonus I suppose.

So what else have I learnt?

I have given in to twitter – which I am almost getting to grips with now thanks to some helpful tips from more experienced bloggers/tweeters like Fiona from Coombe Mill. Ironically we nearly booked to go there this year – way before I started all of this and “met” her on twitter. Hopefully next year we will make it there. It looks amazing!
I have met some other lovely bloggers as well, like Ciara from Our Little House in the Country. Her site is amazing and I am very lucky to have her support.

I have found Pinterest as well, which is an amazing place to find inspiration not just for my blog but for other things too – like the frozen-inspired dress I am planning on making for Rachel’s 6th birthday party next week!
I have discovered that there is an amazing network of parenting bloggers out there and so many ways in which they link up. I honestly never really knew it existed. It’s so nice to know that there are other people out there who really understand the ups and downs of parenting.

Of course looking back at it so far, my blog suggests I am a great mother and we have the perfect family. I am not and we do not – but who does really?! I love my family but my kids are hard work. They fight – a lot, they whine – just as much as they fight, they are demanding and stroppy and I am sure most of that comes from me.

The blog has given me focus and hope and happy memories of our family time so, for that reason, I wouldn’t change it.113_11497535021_7168_n

Now I just need to make sure I don’t neglect the hubby who has been massively supportive so far 🙂


What’s next? Well I will keep doing the activities, until I reach 101 and then probably just keep on going! Also, as we have a huge book library, I am planning on throwing in the addition of 101book reviews. And well, I need to do this whilst balancing it all with day-to-day life.

Thanks everyone for your support, following and reading so far!