Travelling Abroad With Kids

So we returned today from a lovely holiday in Fuerteventura.
I was intending to do a full on holiday post but due to an inconsolable 6 year old “I miss our holiday mummy:'(” it is now a bit late for me to start with anything, so I thought I would do a mini post on things I learnt this holiday for future reference!

These are our top 10 tips for travelling abroad with kids!

travelling abroad

1. Remember the suncream – spray on is easier than cream for kids. Even if it doesn’t seem that warm and is windy, top up the suncream to avoid sunburn. Rachel and I both got caught out on day 1 at the beach and if you want to avoid a peeling drama “what if my whole arm peels off and I can see inside it” then remember the cream!


remember the sunscreen

2. Sunhats – try and keep them on as much as possible! And take more than 1. Our 3 year old lost 2 this holiday.


keep your sunhat on!

3. Take rest time out of the sun in the afternoon when the sun is at its hottest. Take some activities with you to keep the kids occupied if they don’t want to sleep. We took multipacks of vests and some t-shirt pens so they could entertain themselves and combined with the disney channel on tv we were sorted.


t-shirt pens – a great afternoon activity

4. Find a place with a playground or climbing frame. My 2 spent hours playing on the pirate ship.


little monkeys just hanging around


5. Take calpol for those times you may need it.

6. Plenty of fluids.  We were really lucky that our hotel provided 2 free large bottles of mineral water in the room every day. Getting the kids to drink it was more difficult.


drink plenty

7. Pool shoes – great for kids that may suddenly take off at a run on the wet tiles…


pool shoes to lower risk of slipping

8. Don’t plan to do too much. With kids you can never really plan in too many trips as you never know when something may get in the way. We went on one day trip and typically it was the one day Rachel was feeling ill. (She still managed to pose for photos though!)




9. Take your camera or cameraphone and keep it charged you never know when you may catch a great snap.


snappy croc

10. And finally have fun and try and relax with your family 🙂


having splashing fun