Make your own Bath Bombs

Last week something on Pinterest caught my eye.
It was a post on how to make your own bath bombs.
Now this is something I have never tried and it looked fairly easy, so as I am hoping to have a handmade christmas this year, I decided to give it a go.
I bought all the ingredients from amazon and then followed the recipe I had seen here.

Ingredients you will need:
Epsom Salt
Corn Starch
Baking Soda
Essential Oil
Citric acid
Food Colouring
It was amazingly simple to put all the ingredients together!
Then I made various different shapes of bath bomb, using some silicone moulds I had and also a round bath bomb mould – well actually a half round mould, and I have yet to work out exactly how you then make the halves into a whole sphere shape!
I popped some dried flower petals into each mould and then filled with the mix, pressing it in as much as possible.
I left them overnight – for about 12 hours, but the mix didn’t hold very well and just crumbled so I decided to leave it for a bit longer. I found after 24 hours they were a bit better but in the end I left them for about 36 hours and most of them then held together.
The batch made 2 small icecube sized trays and 5 half rounds with a little bit left over.

For the first attempt I used the rose garden essential oil and I have to say they smelled divine.
On testing, they fizzed really well as well!

Looking forward to trying my next batch – thinking of using the chocolate oil next!
Hopefully I will have perfected the art in the next couple of attempts – in plenty of time for christmas presents!


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