RIP Robin Williams

I know this is a bit off-piste for my blog, but I felt inspired to write about this.
Yesterday morning, many of us woke to the news that an iconic figure from the world of entertainment from our childhood had sadly passed away.
Robin Williams starred in numerous amazing films both as a comedian and as a serious actor.
I know I loved so many of his films growing up – Aladdin, Jumamji, the great Mrs Doubtfire, Good Morning Vietnam and One Hour Photo to name but a few.
I happened to have to drive to Luton for work yesterday and heard numerous tributes to him on the radio and from twitter. They talked of his role as Euphegenia Doubtfire – who doesn’t remember the classic scene where he sets his fake boobs on fire, of Good Will Hunting and his Oscar, of his big blue genie in Aladdin. But it struck me that no-one mentioned, what I think was his greatest movie ever.
Dead Poets Society
Maybe the people I heard paying tribute really didn’t know it?
Or perhaps because of the subject matter and the circumstances surrounding his death no-one felt it appropriate?
But for me the whole premise of that film was to encourage people to speak the unspoken, to face up to reality no matter how hard, and to be themselves.
I will always remember him as the teacher that empowered a class of teenage boys, helping them to discover themselves through the poetry of some of the great poets. Carpe Diem!
And yes, I cried throughout most of the film, at the hopelessness of the situation that drove Neil to take his own life.
It is a tragic story but one that must have inspired many people, other than me….
I must have watched that film literally hundreds of times as a teenager, until I wore the video out.
So I think it has to be mentioned when paying tribute to the great actor he was.
I think it shouldn’t be overlooked or unspoken or denied.
RIP Robin.
O captain! my captain!