Summer holidays are here…..

It’s been a great year at at school this year.
Rachel has excelled with her maths, improved no end with her writing and enjoyed plenty of extracurricular activities like cheerleading and cross country running.

But now it’s finally the time of the year that all teachers love and all parents dread..
School summer holidays.
Six weeks of finding childcare for working parents and entertaining children for all parents…
But what a lovely way to start it.
The sun was shining, the paddling pool was full and everyone was smiling.
Well for most of the time anyway – there were a couple of arguments about fishing nets, balls and bubbles and 1 big tantrum and trip inside to naughty step.
We played in the “rain” (actually the sprinkler).

We fished for dinosaurs, water beads and bath toys with the nets we had bought from the National Trust shop a few weeks back.

We slid down the slide into the paddling pool – one of our favourite cooling down activities.

We blew bubbles and tried catching them in our nets. (Then argued over said bubbles….)

We sat in the paddling pool to cool down.
We had great fun in the garden – and we even saw and managed to snap a butterfly! 🙂

So it’s goodbye school and hello summer!

How did you start your school holidays?

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