Teachers gifts

Jack is about to leave his private nursery in order to join the nursery class at Rachel’s school.
So we have been making gifts for his 2 nursery leaders and all the other helpers too.
Pinterest has been a total mine of great ideas for gifts for us to make.
We particularly loved this idea from Melissa’s bargains of making named pictures for them using crayons.
They are really easy to make and not very expensive – probably works out to cost about £10 each – the biggest expense being the box frames.
As Jack was at nursery when I had time to do this I had Rachel as my little helper.
Firstly I used picmonkey to create the template – a capital letter outline, with their full name printed below.KIRA

Then we used crayons – broken to size to fill in the capital letter.
We stuck them on using glue dots as I thought these would hold better than pva glue.
Finally when all the crayons were stuck on, we put the pictures into the frames.


Next I had the idea of making a gift for all the nursery staff to share. So we made them a jar of chocolates.
We bought a standard sized mason jar, a silicone heart mould and some chocolate.
We made milk and white chocolate hearts to go into the jar.
But I wasn’t just going to leave it at that. Not now pinterest has taught me to be a bit more creative, was I?!!
I got some chalkboard paint and some metallic sharpies.
I painted the jar and then wrote a personalised message on it using the silver and gold sharpies.
In this case it was “hedgerow nursery is sweet”.
Finally I decorated it with stars and hearts.
I think its turned out pretty well don’t you?

The last thing I did then was to make him a card.
Again from an idea from pinterest and using picmonkey, I made a picture with a heart on it with writing underneath that “thank you for helping me grow”.thanks card

Then using some ribbon and a wooden bird stick-on I had from our hallway project I made a bow and added this on.
The ribbon we used was key to the card as it was a tape measure pattern – hence the “helping me grow”.
Inside we simply wrote love from and then did Jacks name in dots so that he could write over it himself.