We Love Weekends 10th April 2015

Today we are coming home after a lovely week away in Shropshire with the family.
It has been a super extended weekend, although we were all sad that Daddy couldn’t stay with us for the full week and had to return home on Monday. There were many tears when he left, so hopefully the children will be happy to see him and will, for once, behave themselves!

Due to the UK weather being decidedly better than anticipated for our staycation and with the internet connection being decidedly slower (we have superfast broadband at home and here it is certainly not!) I have taken most of the week off from blogging.


Therefore I have no featured posts this week. And I will probably do the same next week as we are away again!
To make up for this then, the week after, I will be doing a combined three weeks worth of featured posts. 🙂

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