art for kids

Paper Plate Hot Air Balloons

 Last week, we went to an open morning event at Jack’s nursery. It was a chance for us to see what he has been doing over the last few months, and where he spends his time every morning. Whilst there, we also sat down and made a paper plate hot air balloon together, with tissue […]

Dinosaur Mobile

Jack and I have been making a dinosaur mobile! It was done over a couple of days after nursery. Firstly we did some dinosaur printing using the stamps we used on these t-shirts we made a while ago. We printed using red, yellow and blue paint onto the centre of some paper plates. Some of them […]

Painting with feet!

This week, before the weather turned, Jack and I had some fun outside, painting with our feet. I had managed to get hold of an enormous roll of brown paper so I cut off a nice big piece and laid it out on the decking. Then I filled up the paddling pool with warm soapy […]

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