Kenilworth Fireworks Display

On Saturday evening we headed to Kenilworth for the annual round table fireworks display at Kenilworth Castle. Rachel had been at a party in the afternoon, so the minute she walked in we rushed to get her changed and ready to stand in a field!! The display is held in a field in the grounds […]

autumn fairy skirt

Autumn Fairy Skirt

Following the success I had making Rachel’s Frozen Dress, and having seen a similar themed item on my pinterest feed, I decided to make Rachel a cute little Autumn fairy tutu skirt. The pattern is basically the same, but with a few little tweaks.

Autumn To Do List

I know we are a bit behind the times with this, as we have already started to do so many autumn activities but we have finally put together  our autumn/fall to-do list! Just because the weather is getting colder, it doesn’t mean that there is no fun to be had indoors and outdoors! As well […]

Autumn Crafts Round-up

We have seen a lot of our favourite bloggers starting to do some autumn crafts so we wanted to do a round-up of all of our favourite ideas. (click on the pictures to view all of these great activities!) Our Little House in the Country has done some great activities around the theme of autumn! […]

Painting Autumn Trees

We have been making some autumn tree paintings. Thanks to ideas from the lovely Ciara at Our Little House in the Country, we decided to do some fingerprint autumn trees. First of all we laid out the card and drew around our arms. Then we coloured this arm all in, Rachel used a brown crayon […]

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