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Banana and Chocolate Spread Cookies

So it seems that almost all of the recipes we make, either have Banana, Chocolate or both in them, and this one is no exception! I really fancied making some Banana cookies so I browsed the web and found some great ideas for Banana and Peanut Butter cookies. Sounds yummy right? But sadly, we had […]

White Chocolate Bounty Bar Recipe

I saw a really simple recipe for homemade bounty bars on Facebook from Aldi Mum, so decided to give it a go. I mean, I love chocolate bars but particularly love Bounties. Sadly (for them) the kids aren’t keen on coconut but that means all the more for me and daddy!! We didn’t have any […]

Sicilian Lemon Cake

Citrus flavoured cakes are a big hit in our household. Everyone loves a good lemon drizzle or a lovely moist Sicilian orange cake! So we combined the two, making a Sicilian Lemon Cake – using this great Sicilian Orange Cake recipe. by the Kitchen Guardian. Ingredients 125g butter 125g sugar 2 eggs 125g flour 50ml […]

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