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Quick and Easy Smoked Salmon Quiche

I love quiches, but we rarely have them at home – I have no idea why! I expect it probably has something to do with the kids liking them one day and then not the next.. It is even more rare that I have the time (or energy) to bake them myself. Pastry can be time consuming […]

Choc Chip Flapjack Recipe

Last week, Rachel was sick so after getting Jack home from nursery we were pretty much housebound. Jack and I decided we should whip up a small batch of flapjack as a quick treat. For once we actually had some golden syrup in the cupboard so we were all set! So here is our choc […]

Princess birthday cake

For Rachel’s 1st birthday she had a princess birthday cake with a Barbie-type doll in the centre. It has only taken me 6 years to make her a similarly styled cake, and here is how to do it! A real doll is in the centre of the cake and the cake itself forms the puffy […]

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