baking with chocolate for kids

Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

You know that feeling when you see a scrummy-looking chocolate cake and all of a sudden you want some? Yep. We had to make these super moist chocolate fudge cupcakes and we iced them to represent sunflowers. We found the chocolate fudge cake recipe here on the BBC GoodFood website – aptly named naughty chocolate […]

Choc Chip Flapjack Recipe

Last week, Rachel was sick so after getting Jack home from nursery we were pretty much housebound. Jack and I decided we should whip up a small batch of flapjack as a quick treat. For once we actually had some golden syrup in the cupboard so we were all set! So here is our choc […]

Rainbow Easter Cake

My four year old has currently developed a craze for watching cake baking videos on You-Tube, so with my Dad’s birthday and Easter coming up, we decided to have a go at baking something a little more adventurous than our normal fairy cakes. It turns out that our repeated viewing of You-Tube vids has paid off! Therefore, […]

Yummy, Crumbly White Chocolate Chip Cookies

  My little man is fascinated with baking at the moment! We love baking cookies, although hate waiting for them to cool down enough to eat! This week, we baked white chocolate chip cookies! These white choc cookies are lovely and crumbly. Just how Granny used to make them!

Leftover Selection Pack Rocky Road

If your house is anything like ours, then after Christmas, you are left with a mountain of chocolate and sweet treats. We decided, after munching our way through ridiculous amounts, to use some of it up by making some delicious sweet treats. So here is our recipe for leftover rocky road. Ingredients: 200g dairy milk chocolate […]

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