Tie-dye t-shirts

Today we have made some tie-dye t-shirts! We used some more of the plain white t-shirts I had bought for the previous t-shirt activity for this. We used two different methods to do our tie-dye designed t-shirts. I bought some small packets of clothes dyes – pink and blue. Method 1 We mixed the pink […]

Painting using Bubble Wrap and a Potato Masher!

Everyone loves painting, don’t they? Have you and your little ones been adventurous and used something “different” to paint with? Here we have been having a go at painting using bubble wrap and a potato masher! Who knew how cool it would be?! Life with a young family can be by hectic.There is never enough time […]

Learning colours and having fun

Jack is just learning to recognise all the colours of the rainbow, so we decided to do some colour-based activities. Colour match game I made 8 small flashcards, coloured in different colours, with the colour written on them. First I asked them to name 4 colours each and gave them the card with the corresponding […]

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