Better with cake!

Today… The end of our (first) Easter holiday. Waving off family. Saying goodbye to the beautiful house and gardens. Mourning the end of the fun and friendship that my monsters had (miraculously) developed. Leaving behind the gorgeous, unseasonably warm weather. Back home to reality… An hour and a half driving.(actually not so bad!) Working through […]

We Love Weekends 10th April 2015

Today we are coming home after a lovely week away in Shropshire with the family. It has been a super extended weekend, although we were all sad that Daddy couldn’t stay with us for the full week and had to return home on Monday. There were many tears when he left, so hopefully the children […]

Rainbow Easter Cake

My four year old has currently developed a craze for watching cake baking videos on You-Tube, so with my Dad’s birthday and Easter coming up, we decided to have a go at baking something a little more adventurous than our normal fairy cakes. It turns out that our repeated viewing of You-Tube vids has paid off! Therefore, […]

Easter Egg Hunt Time!

Today was a great day for an Easter egg hunt and with a fabulously big garden to hide the eggs in, our holiday home was the perfect location for it! Uncle Adam took the children across the road to the park, while the other adults hid the eggs and I got on with lunch prep. […]

Wool and Button Easter Egg Picture

For the first time this year, my 4 yr old also got to take part in the schools “design an easter egg’ competition. As his attention span is very short, and his colouring skills are not great, we decided to go for a cutting and sticking activity. So we made this wool and button egg […]

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