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Lollipop Stick Christmas Trees

We have been making some more Christmas decorations this week. This time using lollipop sticks. It is another fab idea we found here on pinterest: What you need: Lollipop sticks Glue Sticky Jewels Ribbon Pipe Cleaner It is super simple to make these. 1. put 3 lollipop sticks – we used green as the traditional […]

5 easy recipes for sensory fun

Who knew that you could have so much fun with only a handful of household ingredients? Here are the top 5 recipes we have used to make and do! 1. PLAYDOUGH Every child loves to play with playdough! If your child(ren) are anything like mine, they don’t put it away properly and it dries out… So […]

Dinosaur Mobile

Jack and I have been making a dinosaur mobile! It was done over a couple of days after nursery. Firstly we did some dinosaur printing using the stamps we used on these t-shirts we made a while ago. We printed using red, yellow and blue paint onto the centre of some paper plates. Some of them […]

Foam Squares Photo Frame

One of the lovely little packet craft activities I bought from Yellow Moon, was a “make your own photo frame”. We pulled the pack out one day after school, when the children were itching to do something. It was a really simple activity. The packet contains a rectangular foam frame with squares on it, 2 […]

Pirate fun and crafts

Amongst other things, Jack loves pirates. He can often be heard declaring “Ahaaa me parties” – yes he hasn’t quite grasped pirate speak! Some of his favourite books are about pirates – like the Skullabones books. He has a pirate ship bed, and I lovingly painted him a pirate treasure map onto his bedroom wall […]

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