cheesy biscuits

We have a really quick and easy cooking activity today. My little boy is obsessed with cheese, and I mean completely obsessed with cheese – he would live just on cheese if he could!- so I decided to make these with him. I found a brilliant, and really simple recipe whilst searching for inspiration on […]

Making Simple Fairy cakes

It is 9.30am on a Sunday morning and we are eating cakes! I know the time as the church bells have just rung. I remember (very vaguely!) when we first moved here, back in the days before kids, when the church bells ringing was a giant nuisance – waking us up. These days the bells […]

T-shirt printing

Today we did a really simple and fun activity – t-shirt printing.     We started with plain white t-shirts, from a multipack of t-shirts, metallic fabric paint, in easy to use squeeze tubes and some paint stamps.         For Rachel we had heart and butterfly stamps. And for Jack we had […]

Making butterfly handprint picture

This was a great activity and produced a really impressive finished article. (well I think so anyway). In general I am not a massively inventive or crafty person.Most things I attempt do work (of a fashion), but they are generally not of a particularly brilliant calibre. This one, however, worked out ok. I am not […]

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