joys of parenting

Date night, Michael Mcintyre and 40 Parenting Truths!

Every few months we get to go out. Just the two of us. Mostly it is a planned event. Something we have bought tickets for years ago. We almost never do impromptu nights off. And this date night was no different. Last year – possibly for Fathers day – I had bought us tickets to go […]

Temper tantrums and Boundary Pushing!

Being a parent is sometimes a complete nightmare. I have written before about how my 4 yr old completely bypassed the terrible twos, then turned three and became something of a monster and how to survive this terrible time! This still continues and we have recently taken a good, hard look at our parenting practises. Katie from Hurrah […]

How to live with a threenager

We were very lucky and escaped the terrible twos. However the threenager stage has hit us hard in our household! Almost overnight, my gorgeous little boy turned into a little demon. He still has moments where he is my gorgeous boy but mostly his behaviour is totally ghastly. So here is how to live with a […]

The joys of parenting – the toddler years

And so continues my joys of parenting series… Being a parent is an amazing feeling…. You have survived the baby years, the night feeding, the nappy changing, the weaning and all of a sudden your little one has become a toddler. Some crawl, some shuffle, some just stand and off they go, but all too […]

Anyone for a Jack??

I have on offer a second-hand, but nearly new 3 year old Jack. He is very helpful around the house. If you need any redecorating doing, he is particularly handy to have around. He really likes changing the colours and patterns on your walls – although you will need to train him to do this […]

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