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Beer Bottle Cap Coasters

Working in a pub, I have access to no end of beer bottle caps, so this week, we decided to recycle some and make some little drinks coasters. Materials: Air-drying clay Paint Bottle Tops Varnish/Mod How we did it: First of a, get a lump of clay and knead it until it is soft enough […]

Dinosaur Shrinkles

One of Jack’s Christmas presents was a “Dinosaur Shrinkles” Set. I had no idea what this was, but he was nagging me to have a go at it with him, so we opened it up to see. It turns out that shrinkles are pretty cool! Basically there are pictures printed on some semi laminated paper […]

Recycled Cinderella Carriage

Rachel’s homework for the Christmas period was to create a mode of transport using recycled materials. We could have done the normal – car, boat, hot air balloon etc, – but we decided to be a little bit different and decided to make a horsedrawn carriage. After looking for inspiration on the internet, we decided […]

Merry Christmas Everybody!! – including the top 5 Christmassy things that we have been up to!

After last months crazy blogathon, this month has been very quiet on the blog front, both in terms of writing and viewers. So what have we been up to? Well, the fun of a long weekend in New York, followed by a busy and jam-packed schedule throughout the run-up to Christmas has ensured that the […]

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