Play and Fun in Allesley Park, Coventry

I love discovering new places to play in our local area, and last week we took our first trip to Allesley Park. It is only a few minutes drive from our house, yet we have never been there before.
Jack took his new bike (birthday present!) to test it out. It took us a while to teach him how to use the brakes but he soon got the hang of it. We thought he would be a speed demon, but it turns out he is really very cautious and takes it slow and steady!


After a little ride around, we stopped for a play in the playground.
There is a small enclosed area for smaller children, with a climbing frame, slide, roundabout and swings. Then by this is an area for the bigger children, with a big tunnel slide, plenty more swings and climbing frames. There are also some great big tree trunks – fab for climbing and sitting on. Both children enjoyed playing in both areas!


hanging around Allesley Park

hanging around Allesley Park


Daddy and Grandad helped to test out the Spiderman helicopter that Jack got from one of his lovely nursery friends for his birthday. We had tried it inside, but outdoors it flew really high and everyone was very impressed! Although Grandad was less impressed when it kept flying over the hedge and he had to keep going round to retrieve it!

Allesley Park

helicopter flight in Allesley Park


As well as the playground, Allesley Park has plenty of great paths for walking and bicycling around, a mini golf course and masses of big, green spaces to race around in or have a fun ball game. We can’t wait for some warmer weather so we can explore it some more.
We did have enough time for some more cycling around the Park, before we headed home to warm up again!

*For anyone local I should note that since we were there, some improvements have been made – Jack and I took an afternoon trip there and saw them resurfacing some areas.

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