Homemade Rose Scented Bath Bombs

Last year I made some bath bombs – the ingredients have been sitting in my cupboard ever since, so I decided the other day to do something for myself and make some more for pampering purposes!
bath bomb ingredients

I definitely want to try making some chocolate ones, using the chocolate essential oil at some stage, but this time I settled on some white, rose scented bath bombs – with some dried flower petals mixed into the mix.

The children love to buy the cheap, plastic tat balls that have yet more cheap, plastic tat toys inside them, so I thought this could be an excellent mould to make a big, round bath bomb, and then I also used a couple of silicone jelly moulds to make some smaller bombs.

The original recipe I used said to leave for a day or two but I find that leaving them for a week works much better – less crumbling.
They worked perfectly this time – aside from not being able to completely release the round one out of the plastic ball!
I guess that is something I can work on for the next batch!
homemade rose scented bath bomb

I even got the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful, solo soak with one of the bombs – and that never happens!!

I found the original recipe for bath bombs here on pinterest: