Key Stage 1 SATS (includes sats printables)

Why do we have to grade our 6 and 7 year olds?
My daughter will probably still be (just) 6 when she is tested on her KS1 sats this month. Her best friend will be nearly 8 (as one of the oldest in her class).
At this young age, an age difference of 8 months is massive.

wpid-20150227_132132.jpgI mean her best friend has lived for ten percent longer than she has!
And why exactly do we need to test and judge them at this age anyway?
At this tender age, we are putting pressure onto our children to achieve something, when they should be playing and living and having fun whilst learning – in my opinion anyway!
I didn’t have formalised tests at that age, but I still went on to get a good degree.
I was always a laidback and confident child and never got stressed about exams, but I know plenty of people who used to make themselves sick with worry. I fear that Rachel, who, at 6, is timid and reserved enough at school anyway, may panic and get very upset if she is put on the spot – she cried yesterday when I asked her a maths question she couldn’t answer…
But the SATs are going to happen whatever my thoughts are.
So instead of worrying, we are spending time with her, preparing her, helping her, practising with her by running through past papers available on the internet.
I have also supplemented these, and created a few worksheets myself that resemble the ones she will be faced with during her SATs tests and I wanted to share those with you.

Our Sats printablessats printables
Click the links below to get each worksheet.


sats maths 1 and 2

sats maths 3

sats maths 4

sats maths 5

sats maths 6

sats maths 7

sats maths 8


Sats Comprehension Sally’s New Pet

 Hope these are helpful to you :)x