Great Museums in Coventry

During the last week off the school holidays, the kids and I had a day out in town, shopping visiting the two great museums in Coventry city centre.
Firstly we headed to the Coventry Transport Museum.
They recently did some improvements to the museum, and we haven’t been for a while, so we thought it would be fun to check out the new and improved transport museum.
It is free to enter but you do need to sign in at the desk.

The first room starts with bicycles and follows the progression of engineering through to the modern day. The children loved spotting the different vehicles and Rachel was excitedly pointing out the penny farthing bicycles to us.
They were very impressed with the shiny cars!
great museums in Coventry - the Transport Museum

We followed the museum path around, the children intrigued by some of the displays – the car frames, the pedal “cars”, the miniature toy cars and so on.

The tour finishes with the superfast cars and recent univeristy developments.
Once we were finished we headed across town to the other museum stopping for lunch on the way.
The second museum in Coventry city centre is the Herbert Art Gallery. They have been home to a great exhibition this summer – 40 years of children’s television.
great museums in Coventry - the Herbert Art Gallery

They loved looking around the exhibition and seeing all the toys on display. Morph was there, amongst others that Jack loves. Rachel enjoyed having a go at the guess the theme tune quiz on a tablet, although she needed some help from mum!

For me it was fantastic to see the characters from programmes from before my time, like muffin the mule, through to the ones I watched as a child like Playschool and on to those I watch now with the kids like Timmy Time and Mr Blooms veggies!
After looking around the tv show display we headed downstairs and had a look through some of the other Herbert exhibitions. The kids sat inside the bomb shelter while I tried to explain what it was for!

They tried on the heavy armour and posed with the theatrical masks.

We had a lovely time rediscovering these two museums in Coventry. Each time we go there is something new to see and as the children grow, they see new things that interest them.
Have you any recommendations of great museums to visit with kids?