15 Activities for the Half-term Holidays

Half term is fast approaching! How are you going to entertain your little ones? Are you in need of some inspiration? Well, here are 15 great half-term activities from us! 1. Make When in doubt, make something! Here are some of our family favourites! Sock Puppet Plastic Cup Telephone Loom Band Bracelets

Handpainted Coasters Gift for Mum & Dad

Jack really wanted to do some painting this weekend. We had some plain coasters sitting around, so using some acrylic paint we made some handpainted coasters. I let him decide on the designs by himself. He wanted to do a heart which was brilliant for me as I was looking for a valentine activity for […]

autumn leaf prints

Invitation to paint – leaf prints

Autumn is a fabulous season. Aside from the cooler temperatures and the sometimes frequent rain showers, the trees change to all sorts of awesome colours. Conkers are abundant. And who doesn’t love to kick up the crunchy leaves? For an after school activity this week I set my pair up an invitation to paint – […]

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