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What can we do today!

I have written an ebook! I can’t quite believe it myself! It was one of my goals for this year and I am so chuffed that it has actually happened! I know that there are loads of ebooks out there and some of them are phenomenal! But for me this was a labour of love. […]

Key Stage 1 SATS (includes sats printables)

Why do we have to grade our 6 and 7 year olds? My daughter will probably still be (just) 6 when she is tested on her KS1 sats this month. Her best friend will be nearly 8 (as one of the oldest in her class). At this young age, an age difference of 8 months is […]

Why you should make your preschooler a weekly planner

Ever get tired of that endless reel of questions that your preschooler fires in your direction every morning? Where am I going this morning? Who is picking me up? Who is putting me to bed? Invariably followed by a tantrum, no matter what the response is.     That is life in our household to […]

Making a Story Bag

I have to thank a teacher friend for this idea! So thank you Lynn! A story bag is a bag full of ideas for stories! We made one to help our 6 year old with her creative writing. First of all we made the bag from some old bedding. 1. Get an old duvet or […]

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