Fabric Crafts

Make Your Own Pinboard

Here is a fab little craft – making your own customised pinboard.  I got this idea from a friend, who was making them herself in the hope of selling them for a bit of extra cash. This is a great activity and makes something that can be used afterwards for many purposes! It is an […]

T-shirt Design Kit for kids – Review

We were lucky enough this week, to get the chance to review the t-shirt design kit for kids from buytshirtsonline.co.uk We received 2 kits, one for my 7 year old daughter and one for my 4 year old son, which was brilliant as I daresay there would have been arguments if they hadn’t both had […]

Recycled Valentines Ideas – Candle Holder

All the best bloggers are currently getting ready for Valentine’s Day and making fantastic heart crafts, and recipes. This week, we got our thinking caps on and came up with our own recycled valentines day¬†craft activity. We made a yarn covered bottle candlestick, which we then decorated with glittery hearts.

Homemade Christmas Tree Decorations

For the past week or so, I have been furiously sewing away, making christmas tree decorations. My hope is to do a car boot sale and sell some of them – I think they are pretty cute myself and reckon other people might like them too! So here is how to do it. What you […]

Making a Story Bag

I have to thank a teacher friend for this idea! So thank you Lynn! A story bag is a bag full of ideas for stories! We made one to help our 6 year old with her creative writing. First of all we made the bag from some old bedding. 1. Get an old duvet or […]

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