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How to Feed Your Children a Healthy Diet

Guest Post – by Orlena Kerek from Snotty Noses How to Feed your Children a Healthy Diet. Do you ever worry about your child’s diet? You try really hard to get them to eat healthy food, fruit, vegetables, carrots, broccoli, peas? But what happens? They shout, they scream, they refuse.

Lunchtime ideas

Lunchtimes are a bit all over the place for us. Rachel has school dinners during the week at the moment, Jack has packed lunches with the child minder on a number of days and hubby and I are often at work. So to help us in planning ahead and making sure we have suitable ingredients […]

Weekly Family Dinner Menu – week 4

So here is the final installment in my month of family meal planners. We have found it really useful to be organised and I hope they are useful for other busy families too. I have tried to make the menu’s accessible to busy people, so they do not involve masses of preparation, as I know […]

Weekly Family Dinner Menu – week 3

So two weeks have passed and we are doing well so far! As well as being organised and planning ahead, well in advance, we are also doing a bit more shopping around to try and get some better deals and save money on our shopping bills. Being organised means that we can do this easily […]

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