Games to play indoors and outdoors

YouTube Diva

It looks like my 6 year old has been watching too many of those horrific you tube videos- if you have kids, you know the ones I mean, where that awful lady unwraps stuff covered in Playdough blah blah blah.(apologies if that’s you, the kids are mesmerised but it does grate after about the 100th viewing!!) […]

Homemade Sparkly Blue Playdough – and 3 ways to play

This afternoon, after much nagging from my son, we made some blue, sparkly playdough. He wanted pink for some reason but I got him to settle for the blue today- but not out of any desire to stereotype colours for girls or boys or anything like that!! The recipe we used is really simple: 1 […]

What to do with Water Beads – a Round-up

A while ago, we purchased a sheet of water beads in all different colours. We had seen plenty of other bloggers using them and wanted to find out what we could do with them. Initially we had no idea what to do with these tiny balls, but we have had great fun learning! The first […]

Soft Play and Baby cuddles

We haven’t yet written about one of our favourite indoor activities – soft play. There numerous soft play areas round the country that you can visit with your children. They are generally safe, not too expensive, great places to go and wear out your energetic children! What is soft play? Well, basically, it is sending […]

St Nicholas Park

I had never heard of St Nicholas Park, until I read a post by a local, fellow blogger, Iona at Redpeffer – click here to read more – Play Park. It looked amazing and something that the kids would love, so one afternoon, while Rachel was at a friends house for a playdate, I decided to take […]

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